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tvseriesTV-14April 30, 2024
From murder and espionage to terrorism and stolen submarines, a team of special agents investigates any crime that has a shred of evidence connected to Navy and Marine Corps personnel, regardless of rank or position.
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I started watching this series a few years after it started and went back through previous seasons to catch up... Admittedly you need to suspend any sense of reality to enjoy this show as with many other similar shows... however thats a good thing as TV shows are about escaping and stepping into an alternate world...with alternate characters... So with that in mind I have enjoyed the shows..... I was never a lover of Ziva character but it worked within the team of characters... a balance I guess you could say... I have been watching since the new character to replace Ziva arrived and although as a character, Ellie really doesn't work for me.... the character itself isn't in line with the shows balance... I know some reviews mention her traits and methods within the show... that to be honest isn't the problem for me... its the way that character sits within the team and ultimately the show.... as we all know every character is unrealistic and more of a caricature.... so this new character and her traits aren't for me the issue...its the way that particular character just doesn't work within the team and balance of the show.... by deliberately avoiding going for a similar character as Ziva the makers have tried to go a different way and to me it ain't worked.... I have seen a few guest characters that would work better and create good relationships and open more story lines... this character ain't one of them...I find myself forwarding her scenes to avoid the irritation her character brings...I have only found myself being irritated by one other character during the shows seasons and that is the Coast Guard Agent Borin she was OTT at trying to be something she clearly couldn't be .... like some sort of female Gibbs character... she was really irritating both as a character and as the actress trying to play that role ... maybe a different actress would have made that work but certainly not Diane Neal... I hope the makers of the show do change this new character..I can see myself drifting away from this show if they don't... But then maybe the other side of the coin is that the show is not putting out the same level of episodes and story lines that it used to... and my dislike of that new character is more about the overall than just the that..?

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  • David McCallum
  • Sean Murray
  • Mark Harmon
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