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tvseriesTV-14November 24, 2023
The brilliant and eclectic team of U.S. NCIS Agents and the Australian Federal Police (AFP) are grafted into a multi-national taskforce to keep naval crimes in check in the most contested patch of ocean on the planet.
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I always look for forward to the NCIS franchise especially when they do cross-over episodes.....Please don't do any crossovers and please try to make it more interesting until you do was a struggle to finish the first episode. Seems like a mash up of nothingness. The characters aren't too likable. Where is the wit and banter that we have come to expect. There is no clear understanding of how this could move forward past the opening episode. The entire thing was confusing and muttled to me, others may feel differently this is just one fans take. Let's give it an effort to make the next episodes interesting.

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  • Olivia Swann
  • Todd Lasance
  • Sean Sagar
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