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movieRSeptember 22, 2021
An animated retelling of 'Night of the Living Dead', in which a group of people in a rural farmhouse struggle to survive the threat of bloodthirsty zombies.
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1h 11min
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It's been forever since I've seen the original, but this film did seem to try and remain faithful to the original plot, though I can't say that's a good thing, given that the story is so dated, and can no longer be sold simply for its unique concept. Where this movie really lacked though, was the animation and art. I may have enjoyed the story for the nostalgia factor alone, but I couldn't help but be distracted by the characters choppy and awkward movements, and just how bad they looked in general. With animation that would have been subpar even in the early 90's, this movie seemed more like a parody that forgot the funny, than a remake.

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  • Josh Duhamel
  • Dulé Hill
  • Katharine Isabelle
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