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moviePG-13January 23, 2024
Forced into early retirement by a degenerative illness, former baseball player Ray Waller moves into a new house with his wife and two children. Secretly hoping, against the odds, to return to pro ball, Ray persuades Eve that the new home's shimmering backyard swimming pool will be fun for the kids and provide physical therapy for him. But a dark secret in the home's past will unleash a malevolent force that will drag the family under, into the depths of inescapable terror.
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1h 38min
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This isn't a great horror film, but it outranks the majority of PG-13 horror films released over the past few years. A family buys a home with a huge unused pool. HUGE. It looks like it belongs at a resort, not in a backyard. But I overlooked that and watched as strange things begin to happen in it. Curiously, the family continues to swim despite this fact. I would have drained that thing within the first half hour. Reminder to anyone playing Marco Polo. You can open your eyes if the person you are playing with seems to have disappeared. The acting is solid, especially by the members of the family. The dad was played by Wyatt Russell who my friend told me is the son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn. Oscar nominee Kerry Condon plays the mom. The film creates some tension throughout and the eventual explanation for what's happening felt fresh compared to the mostly recycled garbage the horror studios feed us. I refuse to see one more Exorcism film or Conjuring spin off. The under water cinematography was surprisingly good with the exception of one scene at the end that looked quite fake and had me rolling my eyes. The ending was satisfying without the added annoyance of trying hard to set up a sequel. Worth a look if you're in the mood for a mindless horror flick. Just leave your high expectations at the door before you dive in.

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  • Wyatt Russell
  • Kerry Condon
  • Amélie Hoeferle
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