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tvseriesTV-14February 9, 2024
Nell Serrano is a broke and newly single self-described disaster. She works to restart the life and career she left behind some 10 years ago. When writing obituaries is the only job she can find, Nell starts getting life advice from an unlikely (and dead) source.
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Initially saw some clips of this show on TikTok and I am so glad I watched the full show. I really like it, it's short and sweet episodes and not too serious. Lauren Ash from Superstore is amazing as Lexi and it's nice to see some other familiar faces (Sam is Cece from New Girl). I found it funny, sweet and really touching at times especially with Monty and Cricket. It has its cliches at times but it's light hearted and has some good punchlines so it's all good. Definitely give it a watch! P.s Gina Rodriguez doesn't deserve the hate, not sure why people are saying she can't act??? C'mon guys!

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  • Gina Rodriguez
  • Lauren Ash
  • Josh Banday
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