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movieRApril 14, 2023
Jackie Powers will stop at nothing to prevent his son from following him into a life of crime. With his mob employer in pursuit, a chance encounter at a roadside diner charts a new path.
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1h 27min
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The good: solid direction, great acting performances and a lovely, quirky story, with likeable characters and true to life dialiogue. I would have setttled for less! I love these kind of quirky gangster comedies. It's been awhile since I have seen a good one and I thoroughly enjoyed it from start till finish. It's not a Quentin Tarantino wannabe, but it has got the same reverance for the characters as is the case in all of the Tarantino movies (or in any great gangster movie for that matter). Because in every great gangster movie (comedy or dramatic) one needs true to life characters, whom I can sympathize with. And the characters in this movie are to die for! However "gangsta" the characters all might seem to be on the outside, they all have a gentle, loving heart (hilarious, but true) and they all would f8*k up boiling an egg if it comes to being a real gangsta. The story: Scott Caan plays a total f8*k up moron "gangster", who messes up the only hit job he has to execute. Now he is on the run for his crime boss who wants to kill him, providing for some absurd and very witty situations, involving a man on a horse, a fake marriage, a son in jail whom he wants to rescue and a few fist fights... Recommended for those fans of this comedy gangster genre, who love offbeat characters and quirky dialogues.

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  • Frank Grillo
  • J.K. Simmons
  • Virginia Madsen
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