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tvseriesTV-MAMay 16, 2024
A rancher fighting for his land and family stumbles upon an unfathomable mystery at the edge of Wyoming's wilderness, forcing a confrontation with the Unknown in ways both intimate and cosmic in the untamable American West.
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Wish #1: I'd like to see what's happening This might as well be a radio serial. With HDR on every scene is so dark you can't see who is talking to whom. Since the characters are poorly introduced, it means a lot of conversations are taking place between Man One and Man Two. Wish #2: Give me one likable character I'm so glad those people are there and I am here. It's engaging to have characters who are less than perfect, but these guys do things that make them unsympathetic. If one of these characters dropped in the mystery hole the others wouldn't bother mounting a rescue operation. Wish #3: Clue me in on what the heck is going on Between the pitch black cinematography, conversations between people I can't see and don't recognize the voice of, and mystery piled upon mystery it's unclear what exactly needs resolution and what doesn't. Five stars for yet another intriguing plot. No stars for not granting my three wishes. Five stars.

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  • Josh Brolin
  • Tamara Podemski
  • Imogen Poots
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