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movieROctober 27, 2023
After losing her job, a single mom falls into a lucrative but ultimately dangerous scheme selling prescription drugs.
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I watch everything that includes Emily Blunt. This one was disappointing. The story of Opiod addiction as a result of lies told to doctors about the merits of their drug has already been told several times. Virtually all previous films about this topic were much better. Blunt was, as expected, excellent in her role but the other characters which included Chris Pine, Andy Garcia and Catherine O'Hara were more like caricatures than real people. Most of the film was spent on Emily Blunt leaving her employment at the promise of greater earnings with a pharmaceutical company in order to take care of her daughter. More than half of the film dealt with Blunt's development and ability to encourage the sales staff to be successful in selling their drug to doctors to prescribe to cancer patients. Much less time was devoted to her becoming disillusioned and feeling disappointed with her role in the distribution of an addictive and lethal drug. The film overall was not satisfying and only a diehard fan of Emily Blunt, as I am, would find justification for watching.

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  • Emily Blunt
  • Chris Evans
  • Catherine O'Hara
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