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movieJuly 27, 2023
A man sees the dark side of the time-manipulating biotech company he works for when a crushing debt forces his wife to give up 40 years of her own life.
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1h 56min
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I loved the issues brought up and how it used a Sci-fi concept to highlight them, and it had some lovely details; but I think it had a bit of a slow build up. Like I feel the pacing of the film would have made an excellent TV series. I do feel like the concept and the things brought up were very interesting. I also felt there were a lot of side characters who seemed like they had a very interesting stories to tell that were barely touched on. It was overall interesting, and enjoyable it just had more to give. And I think the film suffered a tiny bit because of that. It was clearly a very well thought out concept.

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  • Numan Acar
  • Iris Berben
  • Aleyna Cara
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