Parasyte The Grey Complete S01 DUAL 720p WEB-DL x265

tvseriesTV-MAApril 6, 2024
When unidentified parasites violently take over human hosts and gain power, humanity must rise to combat the growing threat.
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I have an understandable fear when it comes to anime live action adaptation, especially when we talk about shows where CGI is required, but this was executed relatively well. The story is good, but not perfect. It can be seen that it uses similar topics compared to the original, when the series elaborate on what being a human means, but the series definitely made those topics its own with its own plot points. Pacing-wise - because the story tries to be a bit more complex at certain points - the first half can feel a bit slow. For the characters, the main cast is much more unique personality-wise. Like from acting you could tell who has a bigger role in the series. I wouldn't call it bad and it made the characters interesting and less boring, but sometimes it was like that the main cast are the players in a game and everyone else is an NPC. The main cast was good and their characters felt real and developed with the story. About the technical aspects, the sound directing and OST were good. Nothing exceptional, but worked perfectly. Directing and editing, again it was good overall, nothing exceptional. There was one really good chase scene without a single cut. About the CGI and effects, errr... it look good, there was maybe one scene where it looked a bit funny, but even in daylight it looked okay. One little complaint maybe about the blood. They surprisingly low amount of blood. I mean people got beheaded and there wasn't a lot of blood there. And I would say the weakest part was the choreography. When it comes to normal hand to hand or weapon to weapon combat there are some really good scene out there. We spent decades on creating good looking fights, but here they should have developed a new fight, because the parasites head could shapeshift into a tentacle monster. I believe they failed to do that. In many cases, while the tentacle fights look cool in a close up, but from a bit afar it looks like they are tied to bodies and their bodies don't do anything just stand there. Imagine a rock with a tentacle, the rock sits in one place while the tentacle fight. They could have came up with some more unique or interesting fights. All in all, good to watch, at least once. It is not as good as the original anime, but not as bad as I was expected to be.

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  • Victoria Grace
  • Koo Kyo-hwan
  • Jeon So-nee
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