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tvseriesTV-14April 22, 2024
Gray Parish is a good man with a troubled past who gave up his life of crime for life as a family man. But when his son is violently murdered, old habits return, sending him on a relentless quest with moral intentions and dangerous consequences.
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🎬📽🎞📺 Mannnnnnnn, I just finished Sunday nights premiere ep & mannnnnnnn, this joint is off the chain!!! Once again, "Big Brother Dean Almigh-tee"(IYKYK) is coming through strong!!! Now, while this is a story that has been told time criminal is out of the game & his close friend who is now back at the crib from being on a government vacation has coaxed him back into the just takes on a whole different level of dopeness when Giancarlo Esposito is involved! Will be interesting to see how the story unfolds as his character tries to juggle being a family man dealing with the loss of his son, which has weighed heavily on the fam, trying to work out his strained relationship with his teen daughter, trying to keep his luxury limousine business afloat, all while being caught up in the game with some ruthless African gangsters who are not to be mucked around with!! Can't wait to see how the season unfolds!!!

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  • Giancarlo Esposito
  • Zackary Momoh
  • Ivan Mbakop
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