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moviePGNovember 1, 2023
A magical meteor crash-lands in Adventure City, gives the PAW Patrol pups superpowers, and transforms them into The Mighty Pups. When the Patrol's archrival Humdinger breaks out of jail and teams up with mad scientist Victoria Vance to steal the powers for themselves, the Mighty Pups must save Adventure City and stop the supervillains before it's too late.
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LIKES: Wholesome: -The movie is a kids movie that is all about keeping that family friendly energy, and it succeeds very much in delivering that promise. -Ryder and the pups journey has all the familiar elements of the show from working together, heroic actions, thoughtful problem solving, and quality moral building that Nick Jr. Looks to hammer and does it in a storytelling way. -I liked the dialogue, the fun feelings, and just the cute adventure, all shaping for that little one's first trip to the movies without getting overwhelmed by the theater experience. Storytelling: -The movie having a budget like it does allows for more exploring of character and telling a deeper tale than the television episode. -It succeeds. This movie has a little more dive into the team, primarily a few members, who learn a lot more about the origins and the bonds that formed. -These moments were the most heartfelt and relevant to me, being a bit of a tough moral lesson, but not so much to traumatize most. -It keeps that cute factor, but finally moves them past those one episode moments that get lost to another preschool lesson that this series is famous for. -And having that deep level helps to get older audience members a chance to enjoy the movie and stand the cuteness overload without getting too annoyed. The Voice Acting: -You have to make the pups come to life and I found they achieved this again with some quality voice acting. The top three this time are actually just first billed, so instead I'm going to focus on the three characters or four who have more screen time. * Finn Lee-Epp is a great Ryder, mature, less kid like, and moving with the theme of the movie and how it is pushing for growth. He's got the command, but the empathy, and I liked the familiarity to it with just enough inflections to make it feel like the team is growing up. * Marsai Martin as Liberty, the newest pup to me, is that nice attitude and culture fervor that is fun. She's got one-liners, another deeper story that works in tandem to the main one, and adds that element of teamwork that the series thrives on. She's a bit in your face at times, but once curbed and balanced is manageable. * Taraji P. Henson lends her talents to making quite the antagonist. She's overly silly like a Paw Patrol Villain, yet holds more skills and menace than the usual bumbling former mayor. Her lines might be a bit overly done, but in this series it is quite welcomed and a perfect fit to the modern voice acting delivery. * Mckenna Grace is the star of this film though. The talented actress may stumble a bit in her consistency with Skye's tenor and pitch, but somehow she makes the emotion settle and bring the strength of a mighty pup. Versatile, commanding, but yet in control of emotions to not go too far, Grace's talents continue to expand like her IQ in several films. The Action: -Surprisingly, the action for a Mighty Pups movie is better than several action movies when you scale it to the genres. -Not so much violent, this film takes the climactic moments and actually delivers a more exciting battle than I expected. -Coordination of powers, cute strategies involving the familiar powers, and some surprising dynamic angles and directions gives it a step up of the TV series. Showing budget can work so well when planned right. -Add that almost every moment has a purpose, finds most of the right time limit to execute it, and still has that fun element, and you again get an impressive director who knows how the series work. The Animation/Design: -By far the best thing for me, is the animation and design. -Paw Patrol took advantage of the bigger budget and rocked it with adding that finesse that broadcasting and streaming often fail at. -The pups moved more fluidly, with much more variety, depth, and energy into their actions and give it more than the blockier movement of Nick Junior. -It adds something for me, gives the movie more worth to see in theaters and appreciate the effort made. -Even their design is impressive, extra depth, shadows, and just size of the whole movie feeling big screen and worthy of your time. DISLIKES: The Music: -I had fun with the track and feel the new stuff sort of works and makes for some fun movie moments. -However, I feel that this nitpick is about the feeling of the movie and the campiness were lost in some of the more serious tracks that an original song would have fit. -The orchestral score saves it for me, but the fact that there wasn't more of that Nick Junior feel at times was something lost to me. The Writing Extremes: -For kids... it won't be an issue. For parents watching this or barely paying attention, it again won't be a bother. -Those like me though, will notice how modern delivery always goes super in your face with delivery, and Mighty Movie does not miss that. -Rubble, Zuma, Marshall, and even the villain are so elevated in their jokes and delivery that it got stale and annoying about forty five minutes in of being bombarded with it. -Some of the self-pokes tried a bit too hard for me as well and I again just rolled my eyes and tried to move on. -Thus, the writing extremity is still there for the target audience, but it's amazing to see how far Nick Junior has changed in writing compared to others. The Imbalanced Characters: -One point to the show, the episodes always have a balance overall of making sure every pop has their moment to shine. -Mighty movie... not so much. It's got enough time with each of them to warrant inclusion and endorse merchandising moments, I can't deny that. -However, this movie is primarily a Skye and Liberty movie, focusing on story, inclusion, actions, and focus that though cute and fine, still deterred from the balance. -One of those moments for me about endorsing them all, but getting 80% one pup, does little for someone like me now obsessed with the franchise or character. -Thus, the storytelling takes a hit in this regards and was kind of disappointing until the very end where the team came together. -Even the cats and Humdinger are sort of forgetful cameos that really just were a cute laugh factor and then gone. THE VERDICT: Paw Patrol's movie accomplishes what I anticipated and even more so is better than I had expected walking in for someone like me. It takes the familiar foundation of the show and expands upon it, using the budget of the film industry to good use and improving on animation and design. The action and pacing are good, the voice acting deep with it, and the story surprisingly more focused and fleshed out than I ever expected. And it makes the family feature feel very good, to which I really enjoyed and think fans will appreciate. But... it's Paw Patrol. The story is predictable, the writing is extreme, the cute factor takes over, and you have to be ready for the familiar tropes that Nick Jr. Has made. Kids will love it, and families even more if they pay attention, but you can't escape that it's just a bigger version of an episode. And with the fact that this a Skye and Liberty, you may not find it the Patrol movie you expected in regards to everyone showing up. However, given who this is for...go see it in theaters, because it delivers on the promise of a bigger episode and the animation is noticeable and worth the time for your family to get out of the house and streaming. My scores are: Animation/Action/Adventure: 8.0 Movie Overall: 6.5-7.0.

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