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tvseriesTV-MAJune 22, 2020
Set in 1932 Los Angeles, the series focuses on the origin story of famed defense lawyer Perry Mason. Living check-to-check as a low-rent private investigator, Mason is haunted by his wartime experiences in France and suffering the effects of a broken marriage. L.A. is booming while the rest of the country recovers from the Great Depression - but a kidnapping gone very wrong leads to Mason exposing a fractured city as he uncovers the truth of the crime.
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This show has nothing particularly wrong with it in any way. In fact, most of the elements of the show are great. The acting, cinematography, set designs, and overall aesthetic of the show are all phenomenally well done, which is no surprise seeing as this is an HBO production. The biggest issue for me was simply that the "intrigue" of the show wasn't exceedingly engaging. The plot was fairly simple and interesting enough to keep me watching, but I still felt like something was missing and I was really only watching every week for the stellar production value. For me, it's weird to continue watching a show that isn't far one way or the other on the love/hate continuum. I'm glad they've renewed this series for a second season because I just have this strong feeling that they've found their footing and we will receive an excellent second season.

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  • Matthew Rhys
  • Juliet Rylance
  • Chris Chalk
  • Shea Whigham
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