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tvseriesTV-MASeptember 14, 2023
Sheila Rubin is a quietly tormented housewife in '80s San Diego. Behind closed doors, she battles extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice. But things change when she discovers aerobics, sparking a journey toward empowerment and success.
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Rose Byrne isn't just a great actress, she's also sexy as all hell and somehow pulls off the whole "almost Jennifer Beals" look in this charming and fun snapshot of my favorite decade. I'm serious, I love Rose Byrne, and she can "get it", as the young people say. Rose Byrne portrays a woman named Sheila, and also serves as executive producer on this fascinating show that appears to have a lot of promise. Unfortunately Sheila is clearly going through a lot of extreme issues, Partly a consequence of a culture that values beauty over well-being and self care. That's the 1980s for you. The first episode was really good and I'm looking forward to seeing more of this interesting dive into days long gone by.

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  • Rose Byrne
  • Rory Scovel
  • Paul Sparks
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