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tvseriesTV-MAOctober 5, 2023
Sheila Rubin is a quietly tormented housewife in '80s San Diego. Behind closed doors, she battles extreme personal demons and a vicious inner voice. But things change when she discovers aerobics, sparking a journey toward empowerment and success.
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Watched the first 4 episodes and got hooked on it. Good acting, dark, funny, love Robe Byrne, she is always very good but as rest of the cast in this case. Some people complain and low rated this show because it is not 100% on aerobics or because the house's style is more 70's than 80's. Nobody said it was an aerobics documentary and if you have decorated or remodelled your house in 1975 you are not gonna necessarely change it in 1981 with the 80's style. I think it is much more realistic than many movies/shows where the decade style is overly exaggerated, especially in the transition period.

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  • Rose Byrne
  • Rory Scovel
  • Dierdre Friel
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