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tvseriesTV-PGDecember 25, 2023
Journeying to the far reaches of our planet, this eight part series follows some of the world's most amazing species, telling extraordinary stories that are dramatic, thrilling, funny and sometimes heart-breaking, but always full of hope.
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Everytime David Attenborough has a new TV show, it's a must watch! There has been many fantastic series such as blue planet. This sets a new level is natural history documentaries. It is breathtaking, upsetting and enlightening all at the same time. The camera work is truely outstanding. The musics and narration really makes you feel like you are in the show. I can't say good enough trying about this series. It is simply outstanding! I'm on episode 3 and each episode is slightly better than the last. How this is achievable is beyond me. David Attenborough is a national treasure who has and does so much for the natural environment. We can all learn somethings from his attitude as us 'humans' are slowly killing this planet.

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  • David Attenborough
  • Tom Greenhalgh
  • Fredi Devas
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