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tvseriesTV-MAJune 7, 2023
A platonic pair of former best friends approaching midlife reconnect after a long rift. The duo's friendship becomes more consuming-and destabilizes their lives in a hilarious way.
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Many valid criticisms were raised about this show. That it is just another light hearted stoner Seth Rogen production, the netflix version of Neighbours, that the jokes are repetitive, Seth Rogens laugh is annoying, getting old as a manchild-story is not funny anymore and over-hashed etc. Etc. And to be honest I cannot refute these points. What I can say is that if you are into character comedies with a light tone and consequence free scenarios then you are probably at the right address. Because the chemistry between Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne is irrefutable. Their interactions are just a great watch. Neighbors did something right, and that was to find the right counterpart to Rogen.

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  • Rose Byrne
  • Seth Rogen
  • Tre Hale
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