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movieRMay 31, 2024
Darren Barrenman, an unwavering optimist and native Angeleno, spends his days looking after the pool of the Tahitian Tiki apartment block and fighting to make his hometown a better place to live.
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1h 40min
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Surprisingly good movie. Requires paying attention...............while simultaneously kinda not getting what is going on? I can understand the movie not making sense. A lot is going on. Sometimes it kinda doesn't make sense. But, it will make sense a little later. Keep expecting the unexpected. Keep in mind that I'm a wannabe screenwriter. So, before going, I didn't understand or know anything about Hollywood being part of it. A review mentioned showing real LA. Well, as an LA kid, I wanna see LA from the past. Get stoned. Go. Chill and turn off your phone. Chill. Chill. Chiiiiiiilllllllllllax.

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  • Chris Pine
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Danny DeVito
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