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tvseriesTV-MAMay 30, 2024
Twenty years ago, a series of tragic events almost ripped the blue-collar town of Millwood apart. Now, in the present day, a group of disparate teen girls finds themselves tormented by an unknown Assailant and made to pay for the secret sin their parents committed two decades ago, as well as their own.
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PLL was my whole life, but we all know how that turned out. To rate this a 10 would just not be appropriate. So, i have only seen the first episode so far and here's what I think: I love that this one is darker than the original (I missed that in the og, after a few years it was just toooo teenie for me) To be fair, I was afraid of the new cast but I already love most of them which is kind of relieving. My only fear is that this show wants to be too much of a slasher show without any meaning behind the deaths. I hope there will be more meaningful deaths. That's pretty much everything I have to say for now. I hope A will be someone we know from the very start and I am one of the people that hopes it's one of the main girls. Well, that's it, I look forward to finding out who A will be and hope it will make sense in the end without being some random guy.

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  • Bailee Madison
  • Chandler Kinney
  • Zaria
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