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tvseriesGMay 24, 2019
In Beacon Heights, a seemingly perfect town, a group of three college friends struggle with the stress of being overachievers. In the aftermath of the town's first murder, each Perfectionist hides behind a secret, a lie and an alibi.
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Let me begin by saying I've never watched Pretty Little Liars so going into this show, it was completely new to me. I hadn't even heard about it until today and I thought I'd give it a chance. Like every teen-drama based show, the pilot has several moments that had me rolling my eyes but when the episode focused on the main story, that's when it shined. There's definitely potential here for the show to be a really interesting mystery-drama show rather than just a typical teen-drama. The characters are all quite interesting and they all have something to hide which makes them complicated at times. By the looks of it, the pilot does reference Pretty Little Liars a fair bit and when it did that, I found it hard to keep track. This is an issue that several spin-off shows have, the show needs not to rely on the original series otherwise there will be people who'll feel like they're missing something. The actors are all pretty decent, Sarah Pieterse in particular is quite good and I can see her doing even better with a better script. The script isn't the strongest link of the pilot, hopefully this is something they focus on improving but as of right now, it's not too good. The overall story is intriguing and the twist at the end of the pilot definitely had me curious as to what comes next.

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  • Sasha Pieterse
  • Janel Parrish
  • Sofia Carson
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