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tvseries18June 20, 2019
Ex-pro hockey player Matt Shade irrevocably changes his life when he teams up with fierce P.I. Angie Everett to form an unlikely investigative powerhouse.
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When reading the previous reviews, one person complained about the title song not being the original version and 2 others complained about the show not being original. I came to this show because I tend to enjoy the two leads in their previous work and I enjoy shows of a similar style such as Rookie Blue, Burn Notice, Suits, etc. This is a light entertainment admittedly, but definitely worth watching. You have 2 charismatic leads plus a really good ensemble. If you ever enjoyed Castle for the secondary characters such as the relationship between father and daughter or the two detectives working with Beckett, you should enjoy this show. The stories are simple but also make sense for the type of work that is supposed to be represented. This is not a spy story or a cop show although there are interactions with police and they do resolve crimes. It is more about family and interpersonal relationships. Also, if you live in Canada, it is really great seeing a show with so many recognizable sites and images. Normally, shows shot in Canada will usually use scenery that can easily be seen as American so as to aid in either international sales in the case of purely Canadian productions, or are being exclusively produced for an American network. This show does not hide that it is filmed here and I applaud the producers for this. Based on the episodes that I have seen so far, I hope that Private Eyes comes back for a second season. If it does, I know I will be watching. Cheers!

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  • Jason Priestley
  • Cindy Sampson
  • Barry Flatman
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