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tvseries18July 18, 2019
Nora is back with a beau who hires Shade and Everett after his clinic's database is hacked.
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The trolls are at it again. How is it that something can come along, remind us of something else and immediately it gets panned as unoriginal? There is nothing new under the sun. This quote itself is nearly 3000 years old. It was true then and it's true now. Yes, this show reminded me of Moonlighting with a dash of Castle as the remade man who considers a different career. However, it dares to consider than just "bringing the killer to justice". There have been resolutions to stories that I didn't see coming or consider to be regular justice. Remember, these guys are PRIVATE EYES, not cops. Justice doesn't have to include iron bars. I like the chemistry between the leads and having Jason Priestly raise a blind daughter whilst having his own dad around for a foil keeps him grounded. Not to mention that, for once, here is a show with wide appeal that is made in Canada that doesn't pretend to be somewhere else. I've enjoyed the tour of her cities and countryside without it being purported to be "somewhere in the US". Yes, Private Eyes does draw from ingredients we're familiar with, but then some of the greatest cocktails are made from stuff we never consider combining before. Give it a taste!

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  • Jason Priestley
  • Cindy Sampson
  • Barry Flatman
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