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tvseriesJanuary 18, 2024
Set in the inner sanctum of an evangelical megachurch run by the wealthy Quinn family, when their charismatic founder announces a US expansion, the collision between faith and ambition threatens to tear his family and church apart.
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Couldn't help myself so binged the entire 8 episodes in one day ! Richard Roxburgh is of course outstanding as is Rebecca Gibney. Whilst I have previously seen them in light hearted roles with a side of humour this was completely different and I felt myself almost uncomfortable by how unlikable they were. This I believe was the writers goals and they certainly achieved it. The supporting cast leaves a little to be desired with some of it over acted but definitely gave it a succession vibe! While they all fight to take over the church each one's problems unravel much like succession! So if you enjoyed that I definitely recommend this but be prepared to stay put an atheist or question your belief system.

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  • Richard Roxburgh
  • Rebecca Gibney
  • Ewen Leslie
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