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tvseriesTV-MAJuly 3, 2019
A newly-elected Mennonite pastor, who is determined to rid his community of drug traffickers. But Noah's actions trigger an ultimatum from "Menno mob" leader Eli Voss.
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I didn't realize or forgot that the Mennonite Mob was a real thing, starting back in the 90s, under El Chapo. The Canadian/Mexican connection is that the original Canadian colony (or colonies) split off to create the Mexican colony, thus ongoing family connections between the two. At one time, they were moving thousands of tons of weed and coke in the US and Canada. Plus some murder, extortion, etc. The things human beings become involved with, regardless of religion or creed. Note that there are many kinds of Mennonites (Anabaptists), from the most conservative Amish to very progressive Mennonites who don't live in colonies, use technology and dress modern. This series certainly covers all of the spectrum, but may jumble several groups into one, although I read that even within sects, there can be major differences. So there's not ONE Mennonite stereotype, of course. Season 1 isn't a Canadian version (CBC production) of the quality of Breaking Bad, but it 's good enough to binge and sustain my interest, although predictable and cliched. Noah is acted and written as an intriguing character and even Bronco, the cop, adds a good counterpoint to the Mennonite "blandness", even if he is a cliche. Rose Perez is a bit of a disappointment because someone thought it would be a good idea to have her speak with a heavy (and bad) Southern US accent. Her real accent is what makes her compelling and adds to her whole package, so why a cop, based in El Paso, would be from the Southern US (Texas is NOT the traditional "South", esp not far West Texas) and be more interesting or realistic than a Latina cop, who knows. Doubt that subtlety carries over into Canada. I just hope that such errors also don't encompass the Mennonite portrayals and dress. But the 2nd season season is almost unwatchable. It's the same basic plot, without a couple of the more interesting characters. Noah's wonderfully expressive face has been covered with a huge beard, so he's effectively been neutralized and he's not the main character anymore and his replacements can't carry the show. I'm on episode 3 and Rosie Perez has yet to make an appearance (we are presented with a lot of cop changes). The plot jumps are astounding, with no reason for them given or even implied. There's a serious lack of realism at every turn. And WHY was Noah and his family excommunicated for what they did in the 1st season? Makes NO sense. That's not a spoiler, as it's in the S2e1 description. The acting is sub-par and having an Irish/German accent can't cover up bad acting/direction. I'm about to give up on this one. It's so implausible that I even re-watched the first 2, 2nd season episodes to make sure I hadn't missed a ton of backstory, but alas, I hadn't. Season 2 is one of the worst seasons of any series I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot. Like a class of kindergartners wrote it. Enjoy the first season and move on.

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