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tvseriesTV-MAJanuary 19, 2024
Two estranged high school friends from Miami reunite to form a rap group.
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I'm being nice and giving this show 3 Stars, based off the fact, that it was created by Issa Rae & other Black Writers. My problem is, all the stereotypes and ratchet-ness of the show. Irks my nerves that Black Writers are continuing to write our characters to be ghetto and/or uneducated, coming out of Strip Clubs, trying to be Social Media Models or Rappers, with a Baby Daddy. Not all of us come from that background. Not everyone wants to be an uneducated, ghetto City Girl. Back in the 90s we had shows that uplifted our people. They were going to college and had real jobs. They were educated with class. More of my generation went to college and did more, because that's what we saw on tv. This concept of writing shows to appeal to the ghetto youth of the world, is what's killing them and setting them back. They all wanna be Rappers or Instagram/Only Fans Chicks. I've watched 4 episodes and I'm over it. This show is just adding to the ignorance and misconceptions about Black people, especially Black Women. Whom are the most educated individuals in the US, yet keep being portrayed on Tv as Strippers, Rappers, or IG/Only Fans Thots. Black Women Writers are basically pimping out these ratchet shows & characters, that make us look stupid and bad for a check. This show is awful & sad. I try to support every thing Black, but this ain't it.

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  • Aida Osman
  • KaMillion
  • Jonica Booth
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