Raped by an Angel 3 Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive 1998 CHINESE 720p BluRay x264

movieNovember 4, 2020
Third entry in a Hong Kong sexploitation series that itself started as a semi-sequel to another film.
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Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive is, dare I say it, quite classy for a Category III movie, more of a Basic Instinct-style erotic thriller than an all out sleaze-fest. That's not to say it doesn't have moments that will appeal to followers of the genre, and then there's that bonkers final act that explains what's been going on: any fan of bizarre Asian cinema is guaranteed to have fun with something that ridiculous! The film opens with a female worker being attacked by a masked rapist, who has been active in the same office building for several months, the police unable to identify the culprit. One of the detectives (played by John Ching) is concerned for the safety of his sexy but somewhat mentally-disabled sister Chi (Pinky Cheung): she works as an assistant to businessman and politician Mr. Li Chi-Shen (Alex Fong), whose headquarters are in the building where the rapist is at work. Mr. Li is under a lot of stress, and hallucinates that the women around him are naked (but not Chi, unfortunately), so he pays a visit to hot psychologist Dr. Ho Wai-Yee (Angie Cheung), an old flame who is still interested in him (despite the man having dumped her and since got married). She says that she will need a whole day to cure him, so he clears his schedule and goes ahead with the treatment, which leads to a rekindling of desires on a yacht - a scene that begs the question 'What kind of man has wild sex with a woman with a rocking body, but doesn't take her underwear off?' (it saddens me to report that neither of the Cheung ladies get naked - just what kind of Cat III film is this?). When the rapist strikes again, this time targeting poor Chi, Mr. Li is arrested - but can he prove his innocence without revealing where he spent those all important 24 hours? The mystery surrounding the crime is where the comparison to Basic Instinct comes in - Dr. Ho Wai-Yee is clearly a femme fatale in the Sharon Stone mould, but where the film eventually takes the viewer would be a step too far, even for Paul Verhoeven. Let's just say that the plot involves hypnotism, high-frequency mind control via telephone, and a pornstar, with lots of stabbing. And then there's that final shot which sees... well, that's for you to find out.

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  • Alex Fong
  • Angie Cheung
  • Pinky Cheung
  • Kenix Kwok
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