Rebel Moon Part Two The Scargiver 2024 480p WEB-DL x264

moviePG-13April 19, 2024
The rebels gear up for battle against the Motherworld as unbreakable bonds are forged, heroes emerge - and legends are made.
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2h 2min
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To say this film is juvenile is to insult the intelligence of young people. Strongly based on The Magnificent Seven and incorporating ideas poached from Star Wars, this is a Saturday morning cartoon with live actors. It should be treated with contempt because it suggests that a group of seven heroes allied by a small community of farmers can defeat an army with all its forces marshaled for combat with superior weaponry, discipline and training. The utter stupidity of this idea is matched by dialogue that normally comes from the mouths of poorly drawn animation of the 1970s. This is not the worst film ever made because it doesn't deserve the name of "a film." I beg you, if you cherish life, waste it not and do something, anything else than watch this garbage.

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Cast Overview
  • Sofia Boutella
  • Charlie Hunnam
  • Anthony Hopkins
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