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movieOctober 11, 2023
Maka, a Tongan superfan, will do whatever it takes to get tickets to the Tonga v France Rugby World Cup game - even if that means promising to deliver a brass band for the pre-match entertainment. Only problem is, the band doesn't exist and Maka has four weeks to make one. Inspired by a true story.
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1h 25min
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Recently, I had the opportunity to watch the captivating and entertaining movie at the cinema, and it proved to be a truly entertaining and heartwarming experience. The movie tells a relatable story that brought me back to my own upbringing as a Pacific Islander in a European country, a narrative that resonated deeply with my personal experiences. One of the most striking aspects is the humorous and positive attitude that Pacific Islanders possess. This shared sense of humor and optimism is a key component of our culture, and the movie does an excellent job of highlighting how these qualities help us to overcome adversity.

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  • John-Paul Foliaki
  • Dimitrius Schuster-Koloamatangi
  • Ilaisaane Green
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