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movieRAugust 11, 2023
After an altercation between Alex, the president's son, and Britain's Prince Henry at a royal event becomes tabloid fodder, their long-running feud now threatens to drive a wedge in U.S./British relations. When the rivals are forced into a staged truce, their icy relationship begins to thaw and the friction between them sparks something deeper than they ever expected.
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1h 58min
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I love this, i was doubting their chemistry but they really proved me wrong! I personally think they went from enemies to friends a little fast but that's fine! Otherwise the storyline is so good. If you liked young royals i really recomend this! They're alike but not the same and that's what this makes it so good! The acting is also very good and theyre both very underrated! Henrys story arc id also so good, we don't really know that much about Alex tho. But Alex story with his mother in the movie is still good. This is actually one of my new fav lgbtq movies/series!! The scenes when they don't like eachtoher doesn't really give the right tension but when they become lovers it's so good!

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  • Taylor Zakhar Perez
  • Nicholas Galitzine
  • Uma Thurman
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