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tvseriesTV-14March 31, 2024
England, 1705: Framed for murder and on the run with her sisters, Nell Jackson turns her hand to highway robbery to survive. Aided by her superpowered sidekick, a plucky little sprite called Billy Blind, Nell realizes that fate has put her on the wrong side of the law for a reason. A reason much bigger than she could have ever imagined: to defeat a magical plot against the Queen of England.
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Having watched episode one with my family I can testify that this is a nice and enjoyable series. I like the supernatural, magic touch that (literally) empowers the main character in her struggle to find justice in a male dominated time. However, knowing that the story takes place in England in the early 1700's (1704 to be correct). We all are taught in history lessons that these were times that were in many ways completely different, not to mention full of inequalities: between classes, between men & women and based uon heritage. The 18th century was first and foremost a time when white people exploited and enslaved large numbers of African people, especially in Western Europe and America. In this series this terrible social crime is completely disregarded, as it never even happened. People of African heritage are presented in prominent social roles we all might have wanted them to have: ladies, magistrates, high class people regarded as socially equal to their white contemporaries. Okay, I fully understand this is a family show, suitable for all ages. But even so, according to me the writers could have found ways to remain historically accurate in this respect and still give people of different class and race their dignity. I believe that it should have been their obligation for future generations!

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  • Louisa Harland
  • Frank Dillane
  • Alice Kremelberg
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