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tvseriesTV-MASeptember 6, 2023
Four Indigenous teenagers in rural Oklahoma steal, rob and save in order to get to the exotic, mysterious and faraway land of California.
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With a wild Taika-tinged swagger, Reservation Dogs arrived as a fully formed concept - giving a sharp caricature of contemporary native culture with buckets of wit, personality and sincerity. The whole ensemble here are remarkable, and it feels tremendously fresh. In its efforts to cram everything in right out the gate (or perhaps due to circumstances during filming) there are an abnormal amount of "bottle episodes" or side character tangents that confound the central narrative drive a little. This is something other comedies may have only felt confident doing in their third of fourth series - but Rez Dogs has few contemporaries and the characters are easily strong enough to make this otherwise alienating move work. It also feels a little breathless with references, but when this is the first proper stab at authentic representation for millions of people who have been culturally sidelined on TV since the invention of the medium you can't blame the creative team for having a lot to say. Legitimately can't wait for more.

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  • D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai
  • Devery Jacobs
  • Paulina Alexis
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