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movieJune 20, 2024
In a post-apocalyptic wasteland, two sisters leave their stronghold to save their wounded mother. Armed only with a muscle car and limited ammo, they race against time and ruthless raiders to secure life-saving supplies from a distant outpost.
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1h 23min
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Absolute garbage. This film is exactly that. This movie doesn't provide anything new. Everything about this movie, including the acting, directing, and screenplay, is a total catastrophe. This type of movie has a very good reason for being called garbage. Who will appreciate it if it is released? Every movie aims to amuse while also creating memories for its audience. However, films of this nature are the reason other films fail. For even when quality films are released, people will still despise the film industry as a whole. It is preferable to discourage this kind of narrative and guidance. Although making a movie may be their goal, a strong story and script are essential for a successful film. This is a dull movie and a terrible waste of time.

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  • Chandni Shah
  • Jace Warren
  • Zaina Juliette
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