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movieRMay 26, 2023
A womanizer and a gold digger trick people into relationships with illegal robot doubles. When they unwittingly use this scam on each other, their robot doubles fall in love and elope, forcing the duo to team up to hunt them down before the authorities discover their secret.
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1h 33min
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I don't know, the concept is kind of cool. Having a robot version of yourself is interesting, but would make for a longer series and not a patch work comedy. But besides that, the film itself is poorly constructed in every way imaginable. I'm surprised Woodley took this role, considering she is so talented. Maybe once they started, they couldn't turn back and she regrets it now. The script seems to be missing a lot of scenes that could tie together some of the non-sensical events as they unfold. The entire thing just feels plastic and rushed. The comedy is also just not really funny, besides a few one line jokes. Also, they make some pretty crude sex jokes about cloned robots and things that are just off putting and not funny at all. Like the eye poking and Googly eyes and stuff is such a low grade attempt at trying to be being funny to whom? Kids? Kids should not watch this movie. The entire thing is a mess from start to finish and I guarantee anyone who paid money to watch this in theaters will feel ripped off. 3/10.

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  • Shailene Woodley
  • Jack Whitehall
  • Paul Rust
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