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movieAugust 24, 2023
When a woman seeks counseling to save her marriage, she has no idea that her therapist shares a secret past with her husband and is out for revenge. In this psychological thriller, no one can trust anyone, and one of them may not survive.
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Terrible movie. Acting sucks, plot holes everywhere. Storyline plays out worse than a scream knock off made by elementary school kids in Bollywood. Shocked I finished it but it was so bad, and based on the rating, I figured at some point it would get better. I was wrong. It continued on as the worst film I have ever seen. Someone must have had a really bad acid trip and documented their delusions of their marriage ending poorly. Someone out there was hurt so badly that their even their poorly cropped up story of their failed marriage had more plot holes than the end of game of thrones. This sick sadist then decided it would be a good idea to document these delusions and turn it into a film to torture the world.

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  • Keri Hilson
  • Chris Warren
  • Annie Ilonzeh
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