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tvseriesTV-PGJuly 7, 2020
The Mystery Inc. gang solve bigger mysteries while also encountering many memorable celebrities.
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A return to form for those who want their 'classic' scooby format back. It might not be the best of the best in the series, but is something a classic scooby fan would have missed since early 2000's/90's PROS ~~~~~ + The jokes are on-point, plenty of out louds and snickers, (no crying gut-busters though), even some innuendos, (see Mudsy from episode two at the dinner, total snagglepuss expy) + Voice actors could be way worse to legends in the field, (Frank Welker, John Dimaggio, Tom Kenny, Billy West, est.), really putting their all in to garner as close to the classic VA experience one can, definitely didn't scrimp + Utilization of minimal budget to create a visual aesthetic, (those background tones are gorgeous, with a rough hand-drawn hues to them), that brings me back to early Hanna-Barbara, but without the constant use of stock footage + Intro that will send you in a nostalgia trip, with top notch background music from musicians who did their homework + Enough to sink your teeth into for long-time fans who are on the pulse, (see episode two for a good jab at the scooby clones) + Great direction of the guest stars, where they have acted before or not. The directors and animators are using them aptly, integrating them into an episode better than half of the recent WB scooby movie plugs CONS ~~~~~ * Audio Special effects are missing here and there for emphasis, takes the wind out of some punch lines * Some of the aesthetics of older cartoon vibe feel can go a little far, as mention the lip syncing is off. Makes one, when noticing, if its done on purpose or due to budget. But due to the show being more of the on-point with the animations than off, makes me think of a missed point in a last draft. Minor nitpick though * Due to the imitation of The New Scooby-Doo Movies rather than Where are You, plot can end up being solved as 'because we must' rather than being able to follow the logical progression of the characters. A weak point, due to scooby doo cartoons being predictable, the joy was being able to follow how the characters can solve the mystery in a logical format, and why I lower it versus other contemporaries in the format. VERDICT ~~~ 8/10 A great watch for all, a definite watch for those those that miss the older scooby vibe

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  • Frank Welker
  • Grey Griffin
  • Matthew Lillard
  • Kate Micucci
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