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movieTV-14April 7, 2024
Inspired by real events, this fictional dramatization gives an insider account of how the women of Newsnight secured Prince Andrew's infamous interview.
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Had high expectations and was expecting something along the lines of She Said, Bombshell or Spotlight. It just didn't hit the mark. A fabulous and highly experienced cast did their best, but not sure the script or direction did much to recommend the film. Gillian Anderson was great, as always, as was Rufus Sewell, but there was just something missing for me; something I can't quite point my finger on. It lacked audience empathy for the producer to find, seek and get the story up. In fairness, they tried with the usual cinematic narrative tools but just didn't work. I work in PR and media and know how hard and neigh impossible securing that interview would have been and the internal dynamics and politics within the Palace pr machine. But you just don't feel the challenge or struggle. Definitely enjoyable but not outstanding.

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  • Connor Swindells
  • Kate Fleetwood
  • Jennifer Winn
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