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tvseriesTV-MANovember 19, 2023
Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers, only to find out her seven evil exes stand in the way of their love.
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I see a lot of mediocre reviews for this show because it is not what was implied it would be in the promotion. A straight honest adaptation of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. I can understand the disappointment, but are you rating the show or the advertising campaign? However it's quite apparent that they intended to subvert expectations, even with starting out the first episode or two exactly how you would expect a direct adapation to be. It makes sense to me that they wanted the audience to go in expecting a one to one adaption, to purposefully lead you on a chaotic path. To say this is not for fans is a misunderstanding of the goal of this show. It nods its head to the story that came before, but gives space and a situation for supporting characters whom I had always found interesting and fun to elaborate on their role in the original story, as well as grow as characters themselves. All the while staying true to the fun, rock and roll, nerdy video game, cartoonish off beat humor that made the original characters and overall work so charming. This isn't Scott Pilgrim vs. The World **again**. This is **new Scott Pilgrim content.**, and to have that while staying true to the heart of the source material? How is that not for fans?

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  • Michael Cera
  • Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  • Kieran Culkin
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