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movieRMarch 1, 2024
When a doctor visit reveals her fertility may be in jeopardy, thirty-something Nellie Robinson stares down the barrel of a future without options and decides to freeze her eggs.
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It's a pretty chaotic, fun and funny, I had so many laughs. A really pleasant surprise because I wasn't expecting anything special. I don't know if it's meant to be a cautionary or an empowering story. The movie is about a woman who's fun and carefree all her life, the life of the party at every wedding, and is suddenly confronted with the reality of time slipping away and she doesn't have as much of it as she thinks she does. While it might resonate with women in their 30s, the emotional roller coaster of Nellie's journey, blending fun and introspection, makes it enjoyable for anyone. The movie strikes a perfect balance between drama and comedy, offering moments of laughter amid the poignant exploration of loneliness, fear, and past decisions. It's quite the tragic story, it's all fun and games at the start and then it gets sad. It was hard to imagine a happy good ending for this movie, always felt like it was gonna be sad in the second half. The ending isn't as impactful as I think it should be but it's a pretty great movie. It's meant to be empowering and remove stigma around freezing eggs, but I left the theater reflecting more about the notion of time's running out. It's sad for a huge chunk of it but I walked out with a smile because it never gets sappy. It's pretty original, well acted and the characters are great. I also love the soundtrack. The 'freezing eggs' prep talk was great. I also love the tag line "use by 35" like an expiration date. I'm also glad she didn't go through with the toothbrush thing. I loved the reoccurring symbolism done with Avocados. Also I really loved the doctor. I also really felt the second hand pain and embarrassment when Nellie went spying. If you think this is gonna be bad, it's better than you expect. As my introduction to Leah McKendrick's work, both writing and directing, I'm exiting to see more of her filmography. I usually don't favor actors directing and acting their own films, this one was an exception. It's a small indie movie, it's not conventional but it's one I wish was mainstream so it got more recognition. If you were on the fence about watching I recommend going, wouldn't call it one of the best movies you'll see but it's a refreshingly different and fun experience.

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  • Yvonne Strahovski
  • Clancy Brown
  • June Diane Raphael
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