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movieAugust 20, 2023
Rome in 65 AD, Emperor Nero's tyrannical regime has reached its zenith, Nero's self-indulgence and excessiveness brings up the opposition against him, conspiracies threaten his power. By all means Nero tries to defend his despotic claim of sovereignty. The famous philosopher Seneca has been Nero's teacher, mentor and close advisor since childhood, he is significantly involved in his ascent. Nevertheless, Nero gets weary of Seneca and Nero uses a foiled attack on his life to falsely accuse Seneca of being an accomplice.
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"This is not for everyone"... if you've seen movies described in a similar vein and appreciated them, there's a solid chance you'll enjoy this one too. If not, well, you might just find out within the first few minutes, especially when Nero, in all his whimsical glory, whips off those purple sunglasses - it's just that movie that you either love, or hate. Prepare for a handful of those "WTF" moments that, in my view, add a delightful quirkiness. The visuals are captivating, enriched by impeccable costumes, and there's this persistent feeling of strangeness, accentuated by the score (sometimes trendy, sometimes deeply atmospheric) and compelling yet unexpected sound/visual FX. John Malkovich is unmistakably himself, radiating a jovial energy throughout the film. Expect a hefty dose of dialogue that oscillates between eloquent monologues and stark colloquialisms, often transitioning from archaic phrases to modern slang seamlessly (which is odd but fun), and, just to throw it in, a fair bit of that dialogue is inspired by Seneca's own words or at least resonates closely with his ethos (as far as I can tell, anyway - I'm no Seneca scholar). Props to director Robert Schwentke for this unique spin on history. "Seneca" is quite a trip. Whether you're here for some cerebral stimulation or just seeking a detour from the norm, this film ticks some boxes (at least it did for me ;) In short, if you're in the mood for something different with a hint of crazy, give "Seneca" a shot. But, you know, come in with zero expectations and just roll with it.

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  • John Malkovich
  • Tom Xander
  • Louis Hofmann
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