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tvseriesFebruary 2, 2024
The origin story of Gal Dove, Don Logan, and Teddy Bass. Explore Gal and Don's complicated relationship as Gal finds himself descending into the seductive madness of the London criminal world during the vibrant and volatile 1990s while falling in love with DeeDee.
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'eavans above. An absolute twavesty is what it is. Laiwy geezers giving it all that wiv their posh-boy wannabe wide-boy jibber jabber. Tamsin tryin being 'ard as nails wiv her Pat Butcher hair and Sid James cigarette. It's all gone very Pete Tong. Ray Winstone would eat this lot wiv his corn-flakes, and Ben Kingsley would (*) 'em out before lunch. It's got all those ingredients from the original, a 20+ year old cult classic, being given to people who've heard of the original but not seen it. Then imagine the Great British Bake Off, but for TV production, with Guy Ritchie and Vinnie Jones as the judges. Tasty. Unlike this dog's upchucked dinner.

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  • James McArdle
  • Emun Elliott
  • Sarah Greene
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