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movieMay 9, 2023
Faye attempts to replace her newly deceased husband, Evan, with an android simulant (SIM). Although SIM Evan appears like human Evan in every way, Faye does not feel the same love for SIM Evan as it does for her. SIM Evan tries to win Faye back while at the same time being on-the-run from a government agent chasing down SIMs who have become "conscious" and could potentially be a threat to humankind.
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1h 35min
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This intriguing film is superior to most high-budget productions in recent years. While the movie does draw influences from famous sci-fi writers such as Azimov, many groundbreaking human innovations have originated from such works of fiction and inspired audiences through novels and films alike. The film's underlying theme deals with the rapid evolution of technology and how it shapes our future, especially with the current advancements in artificial generative intelligence. As such, the film's release timing is exceedingly fitting with the current advancement in artificial general intelligence (AGI). A critic did pointed out some flaws within the movie, but a director needs these creative liberties to make an enjoyable and exiting experience for viewers.

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  • Robbie Amell
  • Jordana Brewster
  • Simu Liu
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