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movieRAugust 31, 2023
A young mother and her twin sons move into a rural house that's marked for death.
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The first SINISTER was a fairly scary & very atmospheric Horror film but this sequel definitely wasn't scary in the slightest because it felt like a Children of the Corn flick & a family drama mixed together. James Ransone is very good again as the timid & scared Duputy from the first film & James is a very interesting actor & is a very good actor & i liked him more than Ethan Hawke in the first film. James was excellent in the brilliant "IT: Chapter 2" & is genuinely a good actor who i like to see. Ransone definitely is the best thing about this sequel. His Deputy is a funny character with a good heart & is now a private investigator working on the case of the Evil Supernatural Deaths after the horrific murders of the Oswalds family. The Deputy meets a scared mother with her two weird sons that are on the run & hiding out in a big old farm house next to an abandoned church that was the site for a families murder. The story is fine really & the cast is decent with the super sexy Shannyn Sossamon as the boys weary mum with her own problems going with her abusive ex-husband & now Supernatural goings on at her farm house. The weird skinny young boys are the target of a bunch of evil ghost kids that wanna persuade them to kill their family but one boy is good & one is bad. This does feel very routine for a Supernatural flick & nothing stands out as scary, unique or even creepy at all. In fact SINISTER 2 felt like a Goosebumps episode or something similar. The fact you see the ghostly kids constantly & the boys sit talking to them regularly that there is zero threat at all & no tension or fear for the audience but it's still a fun & entertaining supernatural film. Of course Sinister 2 was totally inspired by Stephen Kings Children of the Corn & that's fine. I did like the rural setting with the big old farm house & the corn fields. The film is watchable & fun but that's completely down to James Ransone keeping it all interesting & fun because he's a good actor & Deputy is a good character full of awkward charm. The first Sinister was definitely more creepy & atmospheric but i will say that Sinister 2 is much more fun & i love that Duputy character.

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