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movieRApril 2, 2024
Inseparable best friends AJ & Moose decide to run the local pool's snack shack after their plan to sell home-brewed beer goes down the drain. Things take a turn when they meet Brooke, an effortlessly cool lifeguard who puts their big plans, and friendship, at risk.
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1h 52min
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I knew very little about this movie before sitting down to watch it, I saw a trailer a while back and made a mental note to check it out. I. So happy I decided to watch it. You can't help but enjoy the performances of the two leads, it's easy to believe that they are best friends by the camaraderie they share. Excellent job by the actors - I didn't know either of them, but can't wait to see what they do next. Their bond is the backbone of the story - along with a great per by a young lady (also unknown to me) - combined, these actors take you back to the 1990s, and revisit a slightly more innocent time. There is a lot of fun with period references, but if you don't know them you still enjoy the ride. There is a bit a formula in the script, but really, it just plain works. I was not the only person in the audience who was laughing out loud many, many times, and then wiping aside tears at extremely moving final scenes. This movie is one that is worthy of your time - don't miss it.

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  • Conor Sherry
  • Gabriel LaBelle
  • Mika Abdalla
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