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movieDecember 29, 2023
An aspiring twentysomething writer hesitantly accompanies her equally reluctant younger sister on vacation with their deliriously happy parents, in Luis De Filippis' resonant, cliche'-free debut feature.
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It's an ethnically Italian family drama set in the 2020s at an unidentified North American seaside vacation cottage for a summer week. It follows four family members at the seaside, one of whom is a trans woman. Guido (Joe Parro) and Mona (Ramona) have three young adult children. Anthony (Nate Colitto) has stayed home and is heard only on the phone. Renata "Ren" (Carmen Madonia) is a tall trans daughter; Sienna (Paige Evans) is a younger sister. Guido and Mona support both their daughters, but during the week, conflicts emerge, especially between Mona and Sienna and Ren and Sienna. For much of the week, Ren lives in isolation, partially self-imposed by her acute awareness of the reaction of others to her appearance. On the other hand, Ren is the glue that holds the family together. Guido and Mona are somewhat stereotyped, with Mona as an over-engaged, highly-verbal mom, while Guido is a mostly silent, distant, but supportive dad. Sienna and Ren both have secrets they are reluctant to share with their parents. "Something You Said Last Night" portrays family dynamics well, taking full account of the impact of a trans family member on internal family and external relationships. There is no high drama and no climactic resolution point in the film; it's one week in the life of a family. Luis De Filippis made the movie in 19 days in Orillia, Ontario. Its low-budget nature was challenging on this old man's ears as I could not understand all of the dialogue because of sometimes muffled audio. Some of the cinematography was also unnecessarily choppy. Nonetheless, it was an excellent film integrating a central trans character.

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  • Carmen Madonia
  • Ramona Milano
  • Paige Evans
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