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movieAugust 10, 2023
A father and daughter team of space scavengers race against a band of evil mercenaries to reach a legendary lost freighter called the Deepstar. Along their trek through the universe, they encounter monsters, aliens, robots, and something even worse.
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1h 30min
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I immediately noticed the very bad casting, all the actors lack charisma and personality and their acting is boring if not ridiculous. The first half of the movie is just a sequence of actions with very few dialogs, so it's almost entertaining. Nothing spectacular or original. It feels like some washed out guardians of the galaxy, and we follow the heroes as they keep putting themselves in trouble. The CGI looks like a video game with some very bad green screens. But that's where the film takes another turn for the worse, and the poor writing and acting take over the action scenes. It feels like they ran out of money and decided to focus on the character psychology. The film completely loses its pace and collapses into absolute mediocrity. If you want some cheesy 60/70s sci-fi movies, watch Starcrash or Barbarella, they are better than this.

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  • Michael Paré
  • Olivier Gruner
  • Sarah French
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