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tvseriesTV-MAJuly 30, 2023
Cruz Manuelos, a rough-around-the-edges but passionate young Marine, is recruited to join the CIA's Lioness Engagement Team to help bring down a terrorist organization from within. Joe, the station chief of the Lioness program, is tasked with training, managing and leading her female undercover operatives.
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Wow, so many b-hurt men are crying over a couple of women being in the center of this show. I watched two episodes, and there was hardly any action there for you all to be so whiny. Again, this is a TV show about the special ops crew of a CIA. Would someone be able to create a close-to-reality show about a secret agency? I do not think so. Yet, you all probably think that Bond or Mission Impossible have believable plots. This is a decent TV show with a believable premise. There are some gaps in the plot, though, as CIA agents have to undergo more thorough training before being sent to the field. Also, getting close to such a high-stake target will require more time as well. Anyway, do not believe oversensitive men in the comments about a girl being able to do pullups or pushups. This is not what this show is about.

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  • Zoe Saldana
  • Laysla De Oliveira
  • Dave Annable
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