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tvseriesTV-MAApril 26, 2024
An enigmatic private detective struggles with personal demons as he investigates the disappearance of a Hollywood producer's beloved granddaughter.
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I admit I have a soft spot for private detective drama's whatever the time frame and this looks to be a good one. The genre relies on a strong male lead with some kind of vulnerability and Colin Farrell as Sugar completely embodies the requirement. All the cool you expect from the genre is on display, the car, the suits, the neon, every box ticked. The plot conforms to all the requirements, wealthy man hires private eye to find granddaughter, money is no object, all is not as it seems, dark secrets, etc. The directorial style and cinematography really lift this piece and the referencing to classic noir enhances the look. We're only two episodes in so it could go badly off the rails but as I say, if the reviewer at The Guardian hates it then it is going to be good.

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