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moviePGAugust 2, 2020
A woman during the Second World War opens her heart to an evacuee after initially resolving to be rid of him.
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Summerland is a beautiful story told beautifully. Interesting and funny characters; gorgeous backdrop setting; and a sentimental heartfelt story. I couldn't help to notice how much the actor, Lucas Bond, has a strong resemblance to another UK actress Millie Bobby Brown. I kept thinking throughout the film if this was Millie Brown playing a boy earlier in her career or was Lucas Bond a younger sibling of hers. The resemblance is uncanny. As an American, I find the rural country and coastal landscapes of England so very pretty. I prefer British movies like this more so than films with a London setting. Perhaps because I am a New Yorker, London resembles too much of New York for my taste as I now live near the Rhode Island shore. This film just felt like fresh ocean air on a sunny day. Very relaxing. I loved Gemma Arterton character. She had me laughing at how much of her personality is much like mine in real life. As a New Yorker, I can be brutally honest whether someone likes it or not and I never been one to care about the opinions of others. I don't go around hurting other's feelings. But sometimes can inadvertently blurt out my absent minded opinions. Foot in the mouth syndrome I guess. Alice felt like the female version of me. More focus on my work and hobbies than to live my life based on other's opinion which has gotten me into trouble over the years. I honestly think it is exhausting to think any other way and not sure why people trap themselves in such mental prisons. But I survived the repercussions even if I did get some scars as a result. Frank on the other hand is another breath of fresh air for me. When I was a child myself, children were expected to be as respectful to adults like Frank was and I admired that in him. Considering what he was going through, the trauma of being upheaval from his home into the custody of a stranger that doesn't particularly care to have him around. The difficulty of wondering about the safety of his parents during the war. Not to mention the news he receives later in the film. My heart bleed for this child. I really loved the dynamics at play between the characters and how it evolves. How Frank softens Alice's heart is very beautiful. The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the relationship between Alice and Vera. I don't think it was necessary to add this to the story. But it is 2020 and it seems every film has an obligatory same sex relationship (aka PC virtual signaling). But at least it was done discretely and tastefully, not overblown with a Hollywood style sex scene. The film director kept it tasteful so it didn't harm the film. She directed the film demonstrating good aesthetic judgment instead of graphical shock value. All in all, I really liked the film and I would recommend it. I did love the twist at the end of who Frank's parents really were. That was absolutely lovely and unexpected.

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  • Gemma Arterton
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • Penelope Wilton
  • Tom Courtenay
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