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tvseriesTV-14October 5, 2023
Aided by his own remarkable abilities and an eclectic team of associates, real estate agent Luke Roman specializes in "metaphysically engaged properties," aka haunted houses. Together they investigate, clear and close the houses nobody else can.
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I just write this, because i am frustrated that users have such strong judgments without even waiting for the whole season. If this mindset had been around 25 y ago, we probbly wouldnt have had a 5th of the most beloved shows until today. I get that things are changing and its ok, streaming services are themselves still figuring out how to make money off of a show... it is not as simple as it was. Still... seasons already have like half the episodes and 10times the competiotion... i think it is really distructive to rate them with a 1 out of 10. I dont get that mindset. And anyone doing that should imo not be allowed to wine about a show beeing cancelled to early. Even shows i really do not like, offer sth. I can see ppl liking and if it is not harmful misinformation or stuff like that, i would not just hate on it. -.- well, to not be a hyppocrite: i have seen only 8 out of 10 episodes and i would give it a 7 average so far, but i had to just kick it up to an 8 as a lil counter to all the 1s ^^ will adjust that after the final.

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  • Tim Rozon
  • Adam Korson
  • Maurice Dean Wint
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