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tvseriesTV-PGDecember 7, 2023
Months after the final Tribal Council, at the live reunion, it was revealed that Natalie won the game with Josh, Jeremy, Wes, Alec, and Keith's votes, while Jaclyn received Jon and Reed's votes to place second, while Missy came in third after only receiving Baylor's vote to win.
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So last night's tribal council was ridiculous. Drea (who's black) shows up with her group at the 2nd tribal and sees 2 black players sitting in the jury box and she basically has a meltdown that turns into a big scene because she thinks that the first 2 people to be voted off being black was so racial. Only problem is, though they were the first 2 in the jury, they were NOT the first 2 to be voted off! The first ones to be voted off were as follows: voted off Survivor 42 in Week 6? - Lydia Meredith - White voted off Survivor 42 in Week 5? - -Daniel Strunk - White Week 4? - Swati Goel - Black? Week 3 - Jenny Kim - Asian Week 2 - Marya Sherron - Brown Week 1 - Zach Wurtenberger - White But once again Jeff wimps out and goes PC and says nothing about this, and neither does anyone else! Unbelievable! 'nuff said!

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  • Jeff Probst
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